UX Design Meetup 2.0 – In a Nutshell

Expedite Studio came into being on 1st January 2021 with a mission to bring UX Design into the limelight. In the very first month, we discussed the idea of hosting the first UX Design meetup, long story short, the first UX Design Meetup was successfully hosted on 24th January 2021. The energy of all the UXers made us realize that there is a dire need to host more events like this. So yes, here I’m writing the story of UX Design meetup 2.0 that was hosted by Expedite Studio in collaboration with Airlift. The only motive behind such events is to make the UX Design community grow, and I feel super proud to say that the UX Design community in Pakistan is growing stronger each passing day. 

I will try to sum up all the important points that were discussed by the great UXers there at the meetup!

UX Myths Busted!

As a UX Designers, you must have heard about some of these UX myths, let’s see what our experienced designer has to say about these myths:

1. All pages should be accessible in 3 clicks 

2. Users don’t scroll 

3. Users can tell you what they want 

4. Aesthetics are not important if you have good usability 

5. If you’re an expert , you don’t need to test your design

6. You don’t need content to design your website 

Some open discussion topics 

All about Usability Testing:

Generalist VS Specialist:

Noob Clients and UX processes 

(It’s totally okay if nothing works, and the client just wants a quick UI (sigh), we all are in this together! )

Future of UI/UX Design in Pakistan:

So these were some of the insights from the great UXers from different firms which include Airlift, Bazaar, Bykea, Careem, Ibex, Securiti.ai, Systems, and many more! The whole idea behind this initiative is to bring the UXers on one platform where they can meet and know each other and share their experiences with each other. Expedite Studio will be hosting more events like this, just to empower the UX DESIGN community in Pakistan! 

See the recorded UX Design Meetup 2.0 here
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Expedite Studio – A Blockchain Focused Design Agency

Since its inception on 1st January 2021, where only 5 people started a design agency. Expedite has now grown to a team of 20 people. These include UI/UX designers, branding specialists, video animators, illustrators, and marketers. The early mission was to create awareness about design and prove that bad design’s cost is huge. We believe that many digital products have great potential. However, their bad designs are restricting them from great success.

Expedite Studio is an agency that specializes in UI/UX design and branding especially for blockchain products. The initial idea of it started when designers of Xord wanted to make an experiential change with their design, not only for Xord Expanse, and ventures in it but also for the great companies and startups outside Xord.

At the current moment, there are a lot of design agencies coming up. But what makes Expedite unique? Here are some key factors:

Expedite’s Uniques:

Expedite’s Design Process:

Expedite’s not only evangelize, but follow all the best UX Design practices and methods. Here is the high-level description of the process they follow:

1. Understand Phase:

This involves Lightning talks with stakeholders and detailed learning of the product/business.

2. Research Phase:

This one’s my favorite! It involves competitor analysis, user personas, user interviews, and a detailed research report. The user interviews have proved to be extremely beneficial for the products.

Research phase in process
The research phase is incomplete without the collaboration of designers!

3. Sketch Phase:

All of the above UX design activities help in producing something tangible, usable, and solves a real problem, that is, the output is storyboarding, user flows, wireframes, and aesthetically pleasing hi-fi mockups.

Sketch Phase

4. Validation Phase:

This is the phase where we test your solution with extensive usability testing. The usability testing reports help gain insights into users’ expectations and frustrations and are crucial in evaluating your product’s success.

Validation Phase in Design

Note that, as mentioned earlier in the blog, this process is customizable to efficiently suit the products’ and businesses’ needs.

Expedite’s Blockchain Capabilities:

Believe me, designing blockchain products requires a completely different set of expertise. Blockchain itself has a lot of complexities and the current user experience is riddled with so many problems which are making mass adoption difficult. The technological constraints in it make it very challenging for the designers to create a human-centric user experience.

Since the start, Expedite’s team has closely worked with the blockchain engineers of Xord. Expeditors have exposure not only the blockchain technology, but they have hands-on experience with delivering Blockchain DApps that have been used by thousands of people in the decentralized world. Have a look at a recent DApp project, in which people staked 84 Million+ project tokens (at the time of writing). All through the DApp designed by Expedite Studio. Cool! Isn’t it?

Looking Forward:

Expedite Studio has the privilege to deliver design solutions to all the amazing products that will be part of Xord Expanse, including NovonVoirStudio, and all Xord’s incubated companies. With all these skillset and adequate knowledge of blockchain technology, Expedite Studio aspires to become a leading user experience design and branding agency in the decentralized world. 

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UX Design Meetup – in a nutshell

The UX Design Meetup took place on 24th January 2021 at the Xord Basecamp, Expedite Studio and Sheikh Izhan took an initiative and conducted a UX Design Meetup for all the amazing UX people in the town in which designers got a chance to know each other better and learned from the experiences of each other. 

It’s always a great idea to learn from each other, we don’t want anyone to miss out on the knowledge, hence writing this blog post so that everyone can take benefit from what the amazing designers discussed in the meetup. 

The key takeaways

A number of topics were discussed in the meetup on which designers shared their valuable knowledge and thoughts. I tried to extract outcomes from those discussions, hoping that it will benefit you in some way! 

UX processes in a company:

This topic was about the UX processes that a company follows.

UX beginners , where to start? 

Most of the newbies in this field have no idea about where to start learnings from, here are some tips for the newbies who want to start their career in UX design.

To start off your career in the field of UI/UX, first, identify your goal, start your journey if you think you are really passionate about the field, and then follow these steps: 

Designer and developer, an unmatched love story

Ah, this was one of those topics that put a smile (the smile with hidden pain ) on every designer’s face, because this topic was something that most designers could relate to. 

Some outcomes from the discussion are: 

UX Testing

Dribbblable Trends

Personal projects

We all know the importance of unsolicited projects and how important a role they play while you are trying to land in a company.

Some key points regarding the personal projects are: 

UI/UX interviews

If you aspire to join a certain company, the best way to prepare before appearing in their hiring interviews is to learn the UX processes that they follow in their company. Also, customizing your profile and portfolio and making it as relevant as the company’s requirements will be highly effective.

Long story short

So these were some of the highlights from the meetup. It won’t be wrong to say that this meetup was a success, designers from different firms (VentureDive, Folio3, Airlift, 10pearls, Two Dots, and many more) joined and shared their valuable thoughts and knowledge with each other. 

It’s always a great idea to network with the people in your field, you get to learn a lot of things.
Looking forward to more meetups like this, it will surely help in building a stronger UX community. 

Special thanks to Arif Samad, Arif Kamal, Umair Ali Khatri, Tabish Rafiq, Adnan Khan, and Sohaib Khan for providing their valuable insights to all the community members!

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