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PaperRush is a modern rendition of the classic arcade game Paperboy. It is an endless runner that encompasses all the emotions the arcade era used to provide with improved and added features.
A journey through history to save the future. Join Charles Freeman on an epic quest through history and alter the course of destiny. Rewrite the past and create a future where justice prevails.
Eva, the main character awakens in an unfamiliar apartment with no memory of how she got there. Her relentless quest for self-discovery unfolds as players guide her through a thrilling journey.

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Game Design

UI Development

Metahumans Integration

Web3 Integration

Multiplayer Architecture

Metaverse Dev


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Creating an identity and unique experience is what our forte. We strive to create a unique experience through design concepts graphics and service design.

Unreal Engine 5
Node JS
Mongo DB
Unreal Engine 5
Node JS
Mongo DB

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    Still got questions?

    Web3 game development is a new approach towards the gaming industry that focuses on player ownership, security and incentivization leveraging the power of blockchain technology. The cost of building a game in web3 depends on the scope of the project and could range from a couple thousand dollars to even millions as does in traditional gaming.
    In order to work with our agency, you need an idea for a game and a narrative/concept. If you do not have a business model, we can help you build one that is scalable. You could also bring us your web2 game and we could help integrate web3 into it.
    There are many technology stacks to choose from out there, but the right one would be dependent on what your needs are. Our service includes platforms specifically designed for Web3 games, so if you are looking for a gameplay oriented development, we recommend working with Expedite design team.
    NFTs are used in web3 gaming platforms to provide players with a more efficient way to prove ownership of their assets or have their identity on the game's database. NFTs are just one of many concepts within blockchain technology to optimize user security and ownership.
    GameFi is not part of the metaverse, however it could be a feature within the metaverse. The metaverse is like an immersive social media platform with real time interaction between users quite similar to a multiplayer game.
    You can check work & industry experience, case studies, and find out online reviews. Most importantly, talk to their experts and get first-hand knowledge about the company, their services, product knowledge, etc.

    Why do game owners hesitate to dive into Web3 games?

    New Game, No Players!

    Players and Game owners are hesitant because of the lack of web3 game development resources or technical support for the new owners or players in town.

    Got Similar issues?

    Scaling Web3 Games Is Too Costly!

    Most Web3 games have scalability limitations due to how they process transactions. Due to smart contracts on the network incurring a gas fee, and network congestion slowing down the game.

    Got Similar issues?

    Complex UI/UX in Web3 Games!

    Designing the interface and enhancing its usability are the chief ingredients for UI/UX. Using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies requires a significant learning curve for new users.

    Got Similar issues?
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    Why are users reluctant to onboard Web3?

    It’s a total Bother!

    When high throughput is required for web3 games and you can’t scale it because it’s been costly enough to develop.

    We understand that Web3 games have inherent scalability limitations due to the way it processes transactions.

    Here’s what you might be doing wrong; You backed up each transaction using a smart contract on the network incurring a gas fee, or you made a complex game; which can cause network congestion and slow down the game.

    Trust us we all learn it the hard way. But not anymore!

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    New Game No Players!

    The dependency on a certain level of technical knowledge to access Web3 games is a high barrier to entry for some players.

    We understand that designing the game and its user adoption can get hectic but both go side by side in game development.

    Here’s what you might be doing wrong; As a web3 game developer, you might overlook the users’ unfamiliarity with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Other reasons as; the complexity of gameplay mechanics. High transaction fees can discourage players who are not used to paying such fees.

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    Complex Technology Uses Complex UI/UX!

    This myth needs to be busted.

    We understand that designing the interface and enhancing its usability are chief ingredients of both the UI/UX. Using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can be complex and require a significant learning curve for new users.

    Here’s what you might be doing wrong; Your game relies on interoperability with other dApps to function correctly Or there are complex user interfaces, including crypto wallets and chain transactions. These interfaces seem difficult for users to navigate, particularly when they’re unfamiliar with the technology resulting in a poor User Experience.

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    Game Process

    NPC Behavior Trees and AI
    Frontend Development
    Backend Dev
    Game Testing
    Game Porting

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