Blockchain Mobile Games: Challenges and Opportunities

The terms “Mobile Blockchain Games” and “Web3 games for phones” are used interchangeably as these are synonyms for the same technology. If you searched “Are blockchain games available on mobile?” or “How to earn while playing games from a phone?” then you’re at the right place. In this write-up, we will explore the top 5 […]

Filza Manzoor

Web3 researcher
Date: Aug 15, 2023
Blockchain mobile games
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The terms “Mobile Blockchain Games” and “Web3 games for phones” are used interchangeably as these are synonyms for the same technology. If you searched “Are blockchain games available on mobile?” or “How to earn while playing games from a phone?” then you’re at the right place. In this write-up, we will explore the top 5 mobile blockchain, the opportunities that it offers, and the challenges that come with them.

In a recent Web3 Space Panel hosted by Polygon Studios, CEO Andy Yang discussed why the web3 gaming industry might be sleeping still on its biggest landscape; the mobile segment. He also explained that market consolidation has made it difficult for new studios to have player acquisition through traditional methods.

The Need for Web3 on Mobile

If you searched “Can I play blockchain games on my phone?” then the simple answer is ‘YES’ but the real question is how are they performing compared to Web2 games or legacy games which have a deep share of the market. Or which mobile games should you be looking out for?

Mobile makes $103 Billion in annual revenue (Report per 2022) and the active users of mobile are $2.5 Billion. This concludes that the mobile industry shares 50% of the global gaming revenue and the Web3 gaming industry should not turn a blind eye to this. 

While mobile games have come a long way in terms of graphics, gameplay mechanics, and social interaction, the incorporation of blockchain technology into mobile introduces an entirely new dimension of possibilities and benefits that are poised to reshape the gaming landscape. The standout point of Web3 lies in its ability to foster true ownership, player-driven economies, and unshakable trust.

Mobile Blockchain Games Opportunities

Trading Adventures —In-Game Secondary Markets

Imagine playing a game where you don’t just collect items, but you genuinely own them like treasures! In the exciting world of Web3 games, this is possible. Web3 gives you the power to sell, trade, and swap your in-game goodies with other players. That magical sword you found? You can trade it for a rare shield or even sell it for some virtual coins.

The Economy of Fun —Player-Driven Economies

Picture a game where you not only play but also shape the game’s economy – that’s the magic of Web3! In these games, players aren’t just adventurers; they’re also entrepreneurs. You can create your own custom characters or amazing levels, and sell them to other players. But the coolest part? You earn a little bit every time someone else buys your creation

You can even rent out, sponsor other players in sports tournaments, or offer services like being a guide for newbies. The game becomes a whole world of buying, selling, and trading – just like a big market where everyone’s having fun.

Web3 on Your Phone

Web3 games aren’t just for computers; they’re coming to your mobile too. Kevin Chou, a game expert, says it’s super important to have Web3 games on your phone since most of the world’s gamers play on mobile. Mobile allows gaming adventures with more excitement, full of trading treasures, and building economies.

Potential in Decentralized Gaming Platforms

A significant avenue for growth lies in the embrace of decentralized gaming platforms, offering gamers a transparent arena for buying, selling and trading in-game assets. Embracing blockchain gaming platforms is poised to escalate the need for blockchain developers while concurrently generating novel prospects

Mobile Blockchain Games Challenges 

Tackling Platform Restrictions

Imagine building an amazing castle in a game, but you can’t show it off to your friends because of some rules. Well, that’s a bit like what Web3 mobile game developers face when it comes to Apple and Google. These two giants have strict rules about using cryptocurrencies and special tokens (NFTs) in their app stores.

Apple says you can buy NFTs and cryptocurrencies only through their special payment method. And NFTs can’t be used to unlock items in games. This means you can’t swap items with your pals like you’re trading cards – a bit unfair, right? Google is a bit mysterious about its rules, but they also want all transactions to happen their special way.

These rules might change one day, but for now, they’re like big walls blocking Web3 games from getting to you. Game creators are trying hard to get around these walls and bring the magic of Web3 to your phone!

User-Friendly Experience 

Imagine playing a game where there are ways to do transactions, they’re like secret rooms in different parts of the game world – not very convenient!

For Web3 games to be super fun, they must be easy to play. That’s why they need to work smoothly with unique wallets for cryptocurrencies. It’s like having a pocket full of coins that you can spend in any game you like, without leaving the action! This way, you can stay in the game and still do all the extraordinary transactions you want.

Technical Game Builds 

Traditional game builders may lack the knowledge on how to make that bridge! They need special skills, like knowing how blockchains work. And sometimes, finding these experts is as hard as finding a rare treasure. For game players, technical builds can be an obstacle to their gaming adventure. 

Delayed Transactions

As you progress through the game, you notice that things aren’t as smooth as they should be. Some features might be glitchy, or you might experience delays in transactions. This happens because integrating blockchain technology into games isn’t always straightforward. Developers need to build bridges between the game and the blockchain world, and sometimes these bridges have a few shaky steps.

Imbalanced Currencies

Imagine you’ve amassed a fortune of virtual coins and rare items in the game. But suddenly, the game’s economy goes haywire – prices skyrocket or things lose their value. Balancing the game’s economy while integrating blockchain elements is like walking a tightrope. If not done well, it can disrupt the fun and fairness of the game.

Top 5 Mobile Blockchain Games in 2023 August 

League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms stands as a top NFT mobile game on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a battle strategy game, ensuring players’ engagement. A blockchain-powered massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, it transports you into an exhilarating adventure, allowing you to construct kingdoms, forge alliances, and partake in grand battles for supremacy.

Available for iOS | Android



Splinterlands stands as an online collectible card game powered by blockchain tech. Each card is an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT), traded using methods akin to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Available for iOS | Android



Realm is a multiplayer grand strategy game that lets you construct your own kingdom and form alliances with fellow players for growth. With a medieval setting, it aims to restore order by uniting strategic leaders with unique strengths. Powered by the WAX blockchain, Realm connects to the WAX Cloud Wallet or Anchor. The game’s tokens, RLM, are earned through tasks like resource gathering, unlocking new regions, and advancing levels. These tokens can speed up upgrades, leader progression, and unlock special features.

Available for iOS | Android

WAGMI defense

WAGMI Defense

WAGMI Defense falls within the tower defense genre, a game style where players tactically construct and enhance defences to halt incoming waves of foes. What makes WAGMI Defense stand out is its distinctive fusion of demanding levels, captivating narratives, and impressive visuals. The game also boasts extensive customization, enabling players to devise their distinct strategies. With frequent updates and a vibrant community, WAGMI Defense consistently delivers an immersive gaming adventure that ensures players return for more.

Coming Soon to iOS | Android

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Origins

Axie Infinity shines as a top mobile game with innovative play-to-earn mechanics. Players battle, breed, and trade digital pets called Axies, which hold real-world value. Its mix of strategic battles, resource management, and nurturing is captivating. Axie Infinity’s play-to-earn model, engaging gameplay, and community interaction set it apart as a leading mobile game.

Available for iOS | Android

Ending Note

Using on-chain digital ownership and player-driven economies can revolutionize how developers monetize games. This aligns interests and boosts growth. Yet, obstacles exist. Comprehensive solutions to manage complexities, letting developers focus on crafting fun experiences is an optimized approach for merging web3 and mobile games.

Web3 games aren’t just about playing; they’re about managing a whole new system. It’s like building a castle, but also making sure the castle is strong, the treasures are balanced, and everyone has a fair chance. It’s a bit like being a game maker and a game protector all in one!

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