What does Apple Vision Pro mean for Gaming in Metaverse?

You’ve never seen everything like this before. Apple Inc. welcomes the world to a new era of spatial computing with its Apple Vision Pro. The company entered the Extended Reality (XR) market with its new headset in early June 2023 with a heavy price tag of $3,499. Whereas the gaming industry, where XR is becoming […]

Filza Manzoor

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Date: Jul 04, 2023
What Does Apple Vision Pro mean for Gaming in Metaverse
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You’ve never seen everything like this before. Apple Inc. welcomes the world to a new era of spatial computing with its Apple Vision Pro. The company entered the Extended Reality (XR) market with its new headset in early June 2023 with a heavy price tag of $3,499.

Whereas the gaming industry, where XR is becoming X-tReme normality (pun intended), has raised the top 5 games rake of $500M+ since the 2023 kickoff! With the blend of Gaming x Vision Pro, know what possibilities might knock on the door next? let’s explore!

What’s the new XR device in town?

To define it in a sentence it is, as Apple says “More pixels than a 4K TV. For each eye.” An XR device refers to a technology that encompasses Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). Apple’s new headset Vision Pro took the spot next to XR industry competitors; the famous Microsoft HoloLens, Meta’s Oculus and Magic Leap. But Apple’s new spatial device in town has claimed to “seamlessly blend digital content with the physical world while allowing users to stay present and connected to others.” 

What does Apple Vision Pro mean for Gaming?

Gamers have been extensively involved in the headset experiences for gaming since 2012 when Oculus was released. It was purely focused on Gaming, unlike Hololens and Magic Leap created for increasing accuracy and efficiency in daily businesses. 

But Meta’s headset and Apple’s Vision Pro are not only different in design but also in philosophy. 

Apple Vision Pro is packed with cutting-edge technologies that take user experience to new heights. One standout feature is the micro-OLED display, combined with mind-blowing 23 million pixels. Showing jaw-dropping visuals and razor-sharp details that take users to virtual realms like never seen before. 

If we overview the Apple-insider comparison between the industry-dominant Gaming headset Oculus and Apple’s new Vision Pro, it can be viewed as;

AspectApple Vision ProMeta’s Headset 
Hardware DesignPremium design with laminated glass and aluminum alloy framePlastic-built construction, lightweight but feels cheap
Battery PlacementExternal, tetherable batteryRear element for better balance, except for cheaper models
DisplaysMicro-OLED display panels, high resolutionLCD panels, lower resolution (similar to Quest 2)
Outward-Facing DisplayYes, to display the user’s eyes and gaze directionNo
Sensing the RoomHigh-resolution cameras, head and hand trackingHigh-resolution colour cameras, eye and face tracking
ProcessingTwo chips (M2 and R1) for rendering and input processingRelies on a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ chip
ControlsHand and eye tracking, no controllersControllers for interaction and hand tracking
CommunicationPersona – digital recreation of the user’s face for video callsCartoony avatars for user representation in video calls
Gaming and AppsLimited information provided, the potential for third-party appsFocus on gaming and immersive apps with an established library
Apple-insider comparison

Apple Vision Pro and Gaming

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  • Powerhouse Performance: Fueling the Vision Pro is Apple’s mighty M2 chip, designed to conquer the mind-bending demands of immersive experiences. Prepare for a smooth ride with seamless interactions and unrivalled performance, ensuring users stay fully engaged in the virtual wonderland.
  • Tracking Magic: The R1 chip of the Vision Pro, is a ticket to next-level tracking and responsiveness. It works behind the scenes, processing external inputs and transforming the movements into seamless digital interactions. Syncing with the virtual world like never before.
  • Larger Display, High Resolution: The Vision Pro’s larger display with high resolution offers a wider field of view and detailed visuals. This immersive visual experience allows gamers to feel more connected to their virtual environments and enjoy stunning graphics.
  • Interactive 3D Camera: With the 3D camera feature, the Vision Pro enables interactive elements in gaming. Players can engage with virtual objects using natural movements or gestures, adding a new level of interactivity and immersion to gameplay.
  • Immersive Gameplay Environment: The combination of spatial audio, a larger display, high resolution, and interactive features make the Vision Pro an enticing choice for gamers seeking a more immersive and captivating gaming experience. It brings virtual worlds to life, making gameplay more engaging and unforgettable.
  • Audio Wonderland: The Vision Pro introduces spatial audio that transports the users to a three-dimensional sonic. The sounds can be felt coming from their sources, dynamically shifting as you navigate virtual spaces. With spatial audio, players can enhance their situational awareness and feel fully immersed in virtual worlds. 

In a nutshell, Your gaming adventures reach new heights of realism and experience!

What’s in it for Web3 Gaming in Metaverse?

Ownership in 4K? Yes, please!

The recent handshake of Apple and Sky Mavis (Web3 Game Company) for launching Axie Infinity: Origins on iOS has given the potential to many blockchain-based gaming companies on iOS. At Expedite Studio, as the leading company in Web3 games, we see Apple pushing to put gaming at the forefront of Vision Pro’s use cases when it launches in 2024. It should not only enhance the UX with Web3 game characteristics but a whole new world of realism that comes with the fusion of the two. We can also look forward to:

  • Immersive Web3 Gaming: With The Apple Vision Pro high-resolution display, gamers can dive into decentralized meta virtual worlds, interact with NFTs, and blockchain-based assets, and engage in MMORPGs experiences like never before.
  • Seamless Metaverse Integration: The Vision Pro’s advanced spatial audio and an interactive 3D camera, make it a perfect fit for the emerging Metaverse. Users can seamlessly navigate and interact with the interconnected virtual universe, connecting with other players, exploring virtual spaces, and engaging in various activities within the Metaverse ecosystem.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Everything flows with a tap and eye movement, giving players the liberty to engage efficiently and play effortlessly. The Vision Pro’s immersive features enhance user engagement in Web3 gaming through a smooth run, walking, and supporting other gaming mechanics. With its larger display, high resolution, and interactive elements, users can deeply immerse themselves in virtual environments, amplifying the sense of presence and interactivity.
  • Future-Proof Technology: Apple’s Vision Pro is designed to meet the evolving needs of Web3 gaming and the Metaverse. Its powerful M2 chip and dedicated R1 chip ensure smooth performance, seamless tracking, and responsive interactions, making it a reliable and future-proof device for users to stay at the forefront of these industries’ advancements.
  • Access to Innovative Experiences: With Vision Pro, users can access a wide range of innovative experiences and applications within Web3 gaming and the Metaverse. From exploring virtual worlds to trading and owning virtual assets, the Vision Pro opens doors to a whole new dimension of interactive and immersive possibilities.

In the near launch in 2024, the Apple Vision Pro will bring the future of decentralized gaming and virtual experiences to users’ fingertips, enabling them to fully embrace and unlock the transformative potential of Web3 and the Metaverse.

Food for Thought

Since the company is openly launching the spatial device for B2C and not just B2B, it raises the question of whether or not many gamers will adopt a device with such a heavy price tag. 

In other news, Matthew Ball, who is a Metaverse expert and author of the book “The Metaverse”, in a recent interview said that “Apple will mandate a 30% fee, which does not work for high-valued NFTs or related experiences”.  This might be a big mood turn-off for Web3 gamers. 

However, on a positive note, Cathy Hackl, who previously worked at both Oculus and Magic Leap, said about the Vision Pro that “This is the most advanced tech product ever created.” which can be a game changer for the Gaming industry. Assuring more advanced and immersive experiences for the metaverse game developers and studios. 

Apple in their ad announcement disclosed that the company have been working with Unity engine for the Vision OS, this is also one step forward to the future of gaming with Vision Pro.

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