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A brand is a story that's continuously unfolding and if done well, can last forever. As with any competitive product in the market, thoughtful branding is what brings your product into the limelight and gives a unique identity. Enhance the brand identity of your business in the decentralized arena today!

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The first virtual garage where you can build a custom vehicle made from NFTs and race it against other players in the metaverse.

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The internet is evolving, and so is the way we design brands. As we move from web2 to web3, it's important to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. We can help you make a seamless transition to the new era of the internet.

Services We Offer in Web3 Branding

Brand Identity & Logo Design

You are unique. So is your brand. We make your uniqueness apparent through naming, tag-lines, logos, color, textures, typography, and you. You’re always a factor in your brand’s identity.

Social Media Design

We create a profile that accurately reflects your brand and makes a great first impression on potential customers. Visually appealing posts and updates grab attention and drive engagement.

Pitch Deck Design

Crafting a great pitch can be stressful and time-consuming. That's why our service includes everything you need to craft a winning presentation. We'll work with you from start to finish to ensure your deck is polished and professional.

Video Animation

Videos create a better interaction with your audience than just text slogans. Exponentially advertise your business with us and get the best audience response.

2D and 3D Assets

If you plan to shift your branding assets from 2D to 3D or specifically 2D, You have come to the right place! From your brand mascots, illustrations, designs, and themes to packaging, taglines etc. we cater for all that your business needs for the design.

Challenges of Web3 brands

Designing for web3 can be challenging. There are so many new concepts to communicate, and the existing design paradigms often don't quite fit. We’ve worked on a number of projects, We know that there are a few pain points that always seem to come up. Here are the big ones:

Lack of clarity around the project goals

Before starting any branding project, it's crucial that everyone involved is clear on what the goals are. What does the client want to achieve? What kind of message do they want to communicate? Without this clarity, it's very difficult to create successful branding.

Lack of clear visual language

There's no standard web3 visual language yet, so designers have to get creative in order to communicate complex concepts. This can lead to inconsistency and confusion for users.

Lack of understanding of user needs

User research is essential in any design process, but it's especially important when designing for web3, where users may have very different needs and expectations. Creating a successful design is impossible without a good understanding of your users.

Too many cooks in the kitchen

Too many people giving input can quickly lead to overwhelm and confusion. It's important to have a clear process for managing feedback so that everyone feels heard but not overwhelmed. Otherwise, you'll end up with a brand that doesn't reflect anyone's vision.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome these challenges. By working together, designers can develop a shared visual language for web3. And by conducting user research, we can better understand user needs and create designs that meet their needs. Finally, by experimenting with different tools and techniques, we can expand the web3 design toolkit and make our lives easier.

Our Branding Process

Many people think that design is about making things look pretty. But there's so much more to it than that! Good design is all about solving problems. At Expedite Studio, we take a user-centered approach to design. We start by understanding our users and their needs. Only then do we start thinking about how to best solve their problem.


We start by understanding our client's business and goals. This helps us determine the best way to represent their brand visually.


We then create a mood board that serves as a foundation for the overall design.


Next, we develop initial concepts based on the client's input and feedback.


Once we have a direction the client is happy with, we begin creating the final designs.


Finally, we provide the client with all of the necessary files and assets so they can use their new branding across all channels.

Design Stack We Use

Creating an identity and unique experience is what our forte. We strive to create a unique experience through design concepts graphics and service design.

After effects
Adobe Premier
Adobe InDesign
Unreal Engine 5
After effects
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premier

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Sure. Our clients in blockchain including Concordium, Unipilot, Polkalokr, VoirStudio, and the list goes on. Check out more blockchain-related work here.
Check our MetaMask UX Redesign Casestudy here.
When it comes to generating leads, web3 branding can be extremely effective. Here are the steps to making it work for you:
1. Create a strong and unique brand identity. This is what will make you stand out from the competition.
2. Define your target audience. Who do you want to reach with your branding? This is what will make you stand out from the competition.
3. Develop a clear and concise message. What do you want your target audience to know about your brand?
4. Promote your brand across all channels. Get your branding in front of as many people as possible.
5. Measure your results. Keep track of how your branding is performing and adjust accordingly.

By following these steps, you can ensure that web3 branding helps you generate leads and grow your business.

Our web3 brand design team helps you with all aspects of branding; our team is here to help. We have a wealth of experience in creating and developing brands, and we can help you with everything from logo design to pitch deck design to web3 video animations. Here are some tips for solving common branding problems:

1. Define your brand. What are your core values? What makes you unique? Your brand should be an extension of your company's identity.
2. Develop a style guide. This will ensure that your branding is consistent across all channels.
3. Design with purpose. Every element of your branding should have a specific purpose and meaning.
4. Manage your brand actively. Regularly review and update your branding to ensure it stays relevant and reflect changes in your business.

We can create a strong, cohesive brand to help your business succeed by following these tips.

Because the scope of work is so different for each client, we (and most creative agencies) give you custom quotes for every project we take on.

Feel free to contact us to get an estimate.
The web3 branding agencies are well-versed in all aspects of techniques for a great UX and branding experience. Being subject matter experts, they are up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices to help you produce valuable blog posts and other web3 branding to generate maximum return on your web3 branding writing and marketing investment.

Save Time and Money – It is expensive and without limitations in terms of topics that can be created, full-time employees for web3 branding creation are expensive and typically have limitations on the breadth of topics that can be created. Since web3 branding marketing agencies have a team of branding specialists, you can pick a niche writer according to your specific business requirements without the need to hire in-house specialists. This allows you to publish regular web3 branding without compromising on t he quality while you and your team concentrate on your core business requirements.

Subject Matter Experts: If you want to produce great web3 branding that will result in a maximum return on your investment, it's important to work with web3 branding experts who are up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices. A web3 branding agency can provide you with a fresh perspective on your web3 branding strategy, help you generate new and relevant content, and ensure that your web3 branding is optimized for users.

What sets us apart from other web3 brand design agencies is our ability to truly understand your business and what makes it unique. We then use that knowledge to create a custom branding solution to help you achieve your goals.
Our team of creative talents is top-notch, and they’ll work their tails off to ensure your web3 branding assets stand out. We don’t have a formulaic approach to designing at Expedite Studio — every piece of web3 branding we create on your behalf will be custom-built to grow your business.
In addition, we are a respected and successful, full-service web3 design agency, so we provide more than just web3 branding distribution; we also have animators, UX designers, graphic designers, and marketers
We know what separates run-of-the-mill efforts from the bes branding campaigns, and we use that knowledge to deliver business-changing results for brands big and small.

Web3 comprises a suite of technologies created by the blockchain industry that fundamentally change how people exchange value with each other.
At Expedite, we will work with you on incredible ideas to merge technology with ideology to design new customer experience websites and apps for your company.

If you were unable to find the answer you’ve been looking for, do not hesitate to get in touch and ask us directly.

Let's design the future together.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to build your brand with Web3. We have the experience and expertise to help you create a powerful, lasting brand that will take your business to the next level.

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